Angels no Blessing to the Twins

Well that was a painful series to listen to (didn’t watch much of it). Three Twins losses to the LAAA (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)boys; 11-5, 11-6, 13-4. Yikes!

Let’s hope they rest up tomorrow and then do better against the Cleveland Indians.

Not sure what to say about the Cabrera trade . . . he’s never impressed me much . . . . If only Nick Punto could make his bat match his defense, the Twins wouldn’t need to make moves like this. Interesting how in the past couple of weeks the guys at the bottom of the lineup have been making things happen. Still, I understand the need for more power from the center infielders . . . If anyone gets demoted, I hope it’s Casillla . . . Nothing about that guy has impressed me at all.

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