Line ups Revisited

Back in March, I noted that Lou’s predicted lineup of Alfonso Soriano, Aaron Miles, Derrek Lee, MIlton Bradley, Aramis Ramirez, Kosuke Fukudome, Geovany Soto and Ryan Theriot (plus pitcher) seemed unlikely. In fact, I’m fairly certain it has NEVER materialized in a game yet this season. [I’ve now checked. There was only ONE game in which these eight players all started (April 22, 2009 vs. Reds–Lost 3-0) and they did NOT start in the above order.]

Okay, there have been lots of injuries already this year, including Bradley, Miles, Soto, Ramirez, and now Zambrano. Hard to have a set lineup when so many guys are out. Also shows how ridiculous it is to predict a lineup for the season back in March, especially when Lou can’t seem to stick to anything for five minutes, no less a season. Anyway, Fontenot and Theriot have been doing a pretty good job, though for a while there I thought Theriot was too distracted by his little “jazz spot”/”soul patch” facial hair to focus on the ball in the infield. Lately he’s making up for that at the plate, so he’s back in my good graces.

Still not a big fan of Lou. Most of the time he doesn’t seem to have a clue. And every time he opens his mouth to speak to the press, I cringe (kind of like what Barack Obama must feel whenever Joe Biden opens his mouth). I don’t get any sense that Lou learned anything from all those coaching/sports psychology books he said he was reading over the winter.

But, it’s still early in the season . . .

I made a bunch of notes while watching the Cubs/Yankees play the first game at “new” Yankee Stadium, but I wasn’t near a computer then and seem to have misplaced the notes somewhere. Will post if I find them.

Viva Las Vegas

Caught some of both Cubs/Sox games from Vegas. Good to see some of the new faces and old favorites. Too bad we lost both games, but still exciting this afternoon when the Cubs were down 4-0 going into the bottom of the 9th and managed to come up with 3 runs.

That’s what I LOVE about baseball . . . it’s never over ’til it’s over . . . there’s no clock to race . . . just hitters battling pitchers.

Too bad that of the six Spring Training games to be broadcast on WGN, three are scheduled within these four days (last night, this afternoon, Saturday afternoon). Far cry from the days when every Cubs game was on WGN. In fact of the 201 games this year, less than 1/3 will be on WGN. The rest on channels I don’t/can’t get: Comcast SportsNet, MLB.TV, MLBNetwork OR on FOX or ESPN (crapshoot whether they will show a particular game in a particular region, so can’t expect to see those either). I used to (pre-2006) listen via Gameday Audio on the internet, but then MLB “upgraded” everything so that it no longer works on my computer.

SO, I’ll follow along the best I can and watch/listen to the Twins games to get my necessary baseball fix.

Will save my commentary on the Milton Bradley situation (pretty much as I expected) for a later post.