Piniella banishes Bradley after tantrum | News

Piniella banishes Bradley after tantrum | News.

I wish they would banish Bradley to the minors.  I wonder if they thought to put an option in the contract that releases the Cubs from any obligation to pay him if he doesn’t behave professionally (or even like a grown up 🙂

Unfortunately, Lou only banished him for the afternoon and will put him back in tomorrow . . . which doesn’t really send much of a message.

Much more to write about the games since my previous post . . . including a confession that I’m now more of a Twins fan than a Cubs fan . . . .  I won’t be changing my blog header anytime soon, but I’m so fed up with the Cubs that I can barely watch them anymore.  Derrek Lee is just about the only decent hard-working guy left on that team.

Too late to go into all that now . . . just wanted to rant some more about Bradley.

Reporting for Spring Training

Okay, so last year I avoided writing much about baseball because I was afraid of jinxing the Cubbies during their “magic 100th year”. So much for that.

My initial thoughts as the players begin to report for Spring Training?

  • Milton Bradley is not Cubbie material. When will they get back to putting together a TEAM instead of a bunch of numbers?
  • Joe Crede as a Twin is a great idea. Hope it happens.
  • Today’s headline “Cubs manager Piniella has been mulling a change to lineup” Gee, wasn’t that his plan for every game last year? Guess he didn’t learn anything from all those coaching books he said he was reading in the off-season

Well that’s enough warmup swings for the first workout of the season. 🙂