Wild Day at the Ball Parks

Two wild games today.
The Cubs beat the Phillies 10-5, but they could have easily lost that game. At least twice the pitchers loaded the bases and narrowly escaped allowing several runs to score. But a win is a win, and a win against the Phillies is worth more than the multiple wins against the Nationals. So, good job Cubbies.
Quite the meltdown by the Twins, losing 1-16 in Oakland. I’m worried about Perkins, who hasn’t seemed to be himself since he suffered a high fever just before the White Sox series. I hope the medical team is checking to make sure he really is better and not suffering some long term problem from that fever. But Perkins was only in the game for one inning (plus 2 batters), so obviously the rest of the team needs to take some responsibility for the loss. I’m just thankful that by the time I checked in with the Twins game, the tragedy was almost over.

All of us can use the time off between now and Friday’s games . . . let’s hope that everyone brings their A-game on Friday.

OMG! How did they lose that one??*!

Twins big lead, big homers not enough | twinsbaseball.com: News.

West Coast games always kill me.  Sometimes I try to watch or listen as I’m falling asleep, but last night I was totally exhausted and turned off the game when the Twins were up 12-2.  Morneau, Cuddy, and Kubel had all gotten homers.  Things seemed to be well in hand.

So imagine my surprise when I woke this morning to the news that the Twins had LOST the game . . . ee-gadhs!

Apparently there was a bad call at the plate near the end, but one bad call does not account for giving up a TEN-RUN-LEAD!!

and Mauer’s slump continues (last night he got a rest, coming in to PH in the eighth and getting a hit) . . . started during the series against the White Sox during which he kept swinging at the first pitch and in the final game STRUCK OUT FOUR TIMES!  Come back to us old Joe . . .

Go Nicky!

How ’bout that Nick Punto!?! Last night he gets three hits including a homer AND makes an unassisted double play! Great work Nicky! Meanwhile Joe Mauer is in some sort of slump . . . striking out in dramatic fashion . . . Get your head back in the game Mr. All Star . . .

Still need to post about the three Twins/White Sox games. Enjoyed the series, but was pretty exhausted for a week afterward. Thank goodness for the All Star Break.