M&M Together in Heaven

Moseley and Mudpie are together in heaven at last.

Mudpie & Moseley

My cat Moseley (right above) died in May 2002. Her pal Mudpie (left) has been sick for the last six months due to a large growth in her mouth. She’s been quite a trooper trying to keep going, but finally it became impossible for her to eat even watered down food. So today she went up to heaven to be with Moseley.

Please keep us in your prayers.

I’ll try to add some M&M stories to this blog once I feel up to it.

Tuesday, June 10th

I’m adding on the end of this entry, rather than starting a new one, so that the picture can stay at the top of the page for a while.  Marvel is complaining that her picture isn’t on the blog (she’s the third “m” and only one left), so here she is:


And here’s a rare picture of the three of them together:


More stories later.