After posting my liquor-doused recipes (see Tequila & Chambord), I spent most of the day trying to modify how the pages print. I realized that I’ve neglected one of the primary purposes of this blog–getting all of my favorite recipes together in a packet. Having them online is a great backup in case of disaster, but I wanted printer-friendly versions of the recipe pages.

In any case, I’m still getting familiar with how WordPress handles printing, but I believe I’ve reduced some of the junk in the output. Let me know about any weirdnesses and/or requests.

Nighty-night time 🙂

Tequila and Chambord

But not together!

I don’t often cook with liquor; I can’t drink wine (migraines) and keeping wine around just to cook with seems ridiculous. Even so, this week’s cooking projects both included spirits.

I made Emeril Lagasse’s Beef Fajitas which involved marinating flank steak for 24 hours in lime juice, tequila, garlic, cilantro, oil, worcestershire sauce, oregano, cumin, coriander, and red pepper flakes. Then grill 4-5 minutes per side. Need I say more? Delicious sliced thin and piled on a tortilla with sautéed onions and peppers.

Raspberry Chambord Cheesecake taught me a few new tricks to making the perfect cheesecake. About 25 years ago, my friend Carol and I spent the summer trying out different cheesecake recipes. Many didn’t turn out very pleasantly. Now I know the following:

  1. beat the cream cheese for 20-30 minutes to get it really fluffy
  2. cook in a slow (325°F) oven for 45-60 minutes
  3. turn off the oven and allow the cake to continue to cook and then cool in the oven.

After I finish eating and sharing the Raspberry Chambord Cheesecake, I need to try this method on my favorite cheesecake recipe—Montana Mom’s Dynamite Cheesecake from The Moosewood Cookbook (the original one with all the butter and cheese, before anyone wanted low-fat anything). I’ll let you know how it turns out!