I LOVE my Macintosh — 2 Comments

  1. I had forgotten the bomb. I too started using a MAC in about 1986 or so. The graphics overloaded the poor thing all the time. But as I read your quote from Steve Jobs Stanford address I realized that I came at the computer from a very different viewpoint. I worked for a ground breaking printing company. John Bolger was cheated out of going to the University at the death of his father, and then came the war time where he served in the pacific as a navigator.

    When John came back to his small family publishing company he decided to pursue the future from a little different aspect.He was to become a printer / publisher. Being young and adventurous he traveled to a printing expo and found machines that were being used to produce “cold” type. They had changeable fonts, both in size and face, and they were capable of justifying. The galleys that resulted were on special paper that captured the quality of the letters well, but, unless handled with great care, they would smudge easily. These galleys were then waxed and used in makeup boards called keylines.

    When I started working in that department in January of 1964 We had an array of three different machines to produce publications and advertising layouts.
    1. The one I just described, 2. The Justowriter that produced a paper punched tape that produced one size, one face justified galleys and 3. A photo headliner that had many sizes and faces.

    My computer is scheduled for sleep. Me too. More on this lecture tomorrow.