Pasta Carbonara & Rhubarb Cake

Okay, it’s an odd combo. I was supposed to make Carbonara last night, but had a migraine (which actually started Sunday night . . . so the week has been a blur). Plus I was kind of depressed on the one year anniversary of Mudpie’s “passing”. Anyway, was totally exhausted today after not sleeping well, but managed to do some cooking in between naps (yes, there were several).

The Rhubarb Cake I’ve posted before, but now there are pictures!

Rhubarb Cake

I’m still not totally satisfied with my Pasta Carbonara recipe, so I’m not posting it yet, but here’s a picture. Basically you cook some bacon (or pancetta), add garlic and cooked vermicelli, then stir in an eggs/cream/parmesan cheese mixture and gently cook the eggs. Depending on how you do, you either get pasta with a cheesy-creamy-egg sauce, or basically scrambled eggs & bacon with pasta. Mine tend to turn out more like scrambled eggs . . . tasty, but not quite what it’s supposed to be . . .

Pasta Carbonara

Cubs just managed to lose another close game while I was writing this . . . but the Twins game just started and will help put me to sleep . . .