Lucinda Gasping for Quality Air

This morning was so sunny and warm (40°F) that I decided to get a little exercise by walking over to the post office (to mail some cards) and library (to return a book).

It’s only about 25 minutes walk each way, but with my CFS I still had to rest for quite a while at the library before heading home. I arrived home safely and immediately took a long nap.

Unfortunately, the sunshine blinded me to the fact that Minneapolis was under an Air Quality Warning today. So I wake up from my nap and notice my throat is scratchy and I’m sneezing. Then I find the notice on my computer saying “sensitive people” (that’s me) should avoid outdoor exercise today . . . Yikes! I guess that’s what I get for attempting exercise 🙂 No good effort goes unpunished as they say.

Time for a neti pot treatment to clear the nasal passages and then some tea with honey and lemon to soothe my throat.

It really was a beautiful day for a walk . . . if it weren’t for that need-to-breathe thing 🙂

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