Flood Memories

As I pray for my friends in the Red River Valley, I’m remembering the 1997 Fargo Flood. I was living in Moorhead then. After 116″ of snow, we knew what was coming . . . and had a few weeks to prepare. This year they didn’t have as much snow . . . but apparently the ground was saturated from rains last fall . . .

Here are some pictures from 1997. First the snow piles, then the melting . . .

Snow in front of my house in Moorhead MN, 1997

My backyard snowpile, Moorhead MN, Spring 1997


Above and below are pictures of one of the bridges connecting Moorhead & Fargo
Under other conditions, you can drive (or bike) under this bridge.


Below a park turned lake . . .


Lucinda Gasping for Quality Air

This morning was so sunny and warm (40°F) that I decided to get a little exercise by walking over to the post office (to mail some cards) and library (to return a book).

It’s only about 25 minutes walk each way, but with my CFS I still had to rest for quite a while at the library before heading home. I arrived home safely and immediately took a long nap.

Unfortunately, the sunshine blinded me to the fact that Minneapolis was under an Air Quality Warning today. So I wake up from my nap and notice my throat is scratchy and I’m sneezing. Then I find the notice on my computer saying “sensitive people” (that’s me) should avoid outdoor exercise today . . . Yikes! I guess that’s what I get for attempting exercise 🙂 No good effort goes unpunished as they say.

Time for a neti pot treatment to clear the nasal passages and then some tea with honey and lemon to soothe my throat.

It really was a beautiful day for a walk . . . if it weren’t for that need-to-breathe thing 🙂

Viva Las Vegas

Caught some of both Cubs/Sox games from Vegas. Good to see some of the new faces and old favorites. Too bad we lost both games, but still exciting this afternoon when the Cubs were down 4-0 going into the bottom of the 9th and managed to come up with 3 runs.

That’s what I LOVE about baseball . . . it’s never over ’til it’s over . . . there’s no clock to race . . . just hitters battling pitchers.

Too bad that of the six Spring Training games to be broadcast on WGN, three are scheduled within these four days (last night, this afternoon, Saturday afternoon). Far cry from the days when every Cubs game was on WGN. In fact of the 201 games this year, less than 1/3 will be on WGN. The rest on channels I don’t/can’t get: Comcast SportsNet, MLB.TV, MLBNetwork OR on FOX or ESPN (crapshoot whether they will show a particular game in a particular region, so can’t expect to see those either). I used to (pre-2006) listen via Gameday Audio on the internet, but then MLB “upgraded” everything so that it no longer works on my computer.

SO, I’ll follow along the best I can and watch/listen to the Twins games to get my necessary baseball fix.

Will save my commentary on the Milton Bradley situation (pretty much as I expected) for a later post.