White Out & Line Ups

Total White Out Blizzard Conditions here in Minnesota. Forecast is for 4-8″ by the end of the day. Currently coming down about 1 inch/hour.

Meanwhile, out where it is Spring . . . I noticed that on 2/22/09 MLB reported that Lou was leaning towards a lineup of: “Alfonso Soriano, Aaron Miles, Derrek Lee, MIlton Bradley, Aramis Ramirez, Kosuke Fukudome, Geovany Soto and Ryan Theriot” [plus the pitcher of course]. So, I’m wondering, in what percentage of games do you think he will use this particular starting lineup? I’m guessing “less than 20%” . . . and will check back periodically throughout the season on the results.

Time to go enjoy watching the snow fall!

Spring Training Begins!

Wow! That snuck up on me. Didn’t even realize the first game was today. But the Cubbies won. Hoffpauir impressed everyone with a Grand Slam. Though it came to him as a designated hitter, even though they were playing the Dodgers. Slippery slope in my opinion. But at least they won. So it begins.

On the Twins front bad news about Boof Bonser–out for the season with shoulder surgery . . . but the team beat the Red Sox . . . Yeah!

Of course none of this means anything, but it’s always good to start off on a positive note.

Now just remember to PACE YOURSELVES BOYS!

Reporting for Spring Training

Okay, so last year I avoided writing much about baseball because I was afraid of jinxing the Cubbies during their “magic 100th year”. So much for that.

My initial thoughts as the players begin to report for Spring Training?

  • Milton Bradley is not Cubbie material. When will they get back to putting together a TEAM instead of a bunch of numbers?
  • Joe Crede as a Twin is a great idea. Hope it happens.
  • Today’s headline “Cubs manager Piniella has been mulling a change to lineup” Gee, wasn’t that his plan for every game last year? Guess he didn’t learn anything from all those coaching books he said he was reading in the off-season

Well that’s enough warmup swings for the first workout of the season. 🙂

Orange Beef & Sesame Green Beans

I’ve always loved Spicy Orange Beef. Today I finally tried to make it. Gathered half a dozen recipes and did my thing. It was amazingly good for a first try. I went ahead and typed it up. Check it out at Orange Beef.

I served it with rice and Sesame Green Beans borrowed from a simple Rachel Ray recipe: toast 1 T. sesame seeds in a dry pan until lightly browned. Set aside. Steam green beans in 1/2 inch boiling water for 2-4 minutes, until bright green. Drain in colander and rinse with cool water to stop cooking. Heat a frying pan or wok over high heat for 20 seconds, add a thin layer of oil and a dash of sesame oil. Toss in 1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes. Cook for 10 seconds, then add beans and cook for 2 minutes. Toss with sesame seed and coarse salt. Enjoy!