Baseball Stadiums

Taking a break from the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium to reminisce about the different Major League Ballparks I have visited.

Of course we have Wrigley Field, though I haven’t been there since the 1990s. And I’m pretty sure I went to the old Comiskey Park when I was growing up, though I’ll need to double-check with Dad on that one.

In the early 90s I went to Riverfront Stadium in Cincinati to see a Cubs/Reds game.

In the summer of 1993 I took a Baseball Therapy vacation and saw games at the following parks:

  • Wrigley Field (a very cold game early in the season with Mom, Dad, Janet, Mark & Sean)–Mets/Cubs
  • Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburg (Reds/Pirates, 7/10),
  • several games at Yankee Stadium (Mom & Dad had season tickets at that time)–Oakland As, California Angels, Brewers,
  • two games in Fenway Park (Angels/Red Sox 7/20 & 7/21)–Dad & I saw Tim Salmon in his breakout year.
  • Veteran’s Stadium in Philadelphia (Cardinals/Phillies, 7/29, VERY HOT DAY, VERY HOT STADIUM, sat up in nosebleed section to get some shade)
  • Camden Yards in Baltimore (Brewers/Orioles, 8/3)
  • Cleveland Stadium in Cleveland (Rangers/Indians, 8/13)

This was the same summer that some college kids tried to go to 28 parks in 28 days (before the Diamondbacks and Rays joined MLB). Obviously I had a more leisurely schedule!

Other parks I’ve been to:

  • the first “new” Busch Stadium in St. Louis (where the Cards played in the late 60s & 70s)
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome here in Minneapolis
  • the original Shea Stadium in New York

I’ll add the minor league parks later.

Time to check back with the game.

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