My Imaginary Friend

Marvel and I are still adjusting to the loss of Mudpie (see previous post), but I thought I would share a bit of her story.

Mudpie with cat toys

Many of my friends have joked that Mudpie was my “imaginary cat” because they never saw her. Indeed, she was easily frightened and usually hid from guests, a behavior that began when she was only a kitten. In fact, I spent several hours chasing her around a barn in rural Minnesota before I managed to catch her and bring her home. [To be honest, I was first chasing a little grey striped kitten, who continued to elude me, so I gave up and “settled” for her sister.] Her color (brown), shape (very round), and smell (remember, she lived in a barn) prompted me to name her Cow Pie, but calling “Here Cow Pie!” to get her in from outside seemed humiliating for the both of us, so Mudpie became the compromise selection. Moseley–my big, black, at the time 2-year-old, cat–immediately took on mothering duties–teaching the household rules and trying to encourage proper grooming, but eventually just doing it herself when Mudpie showed no interest. They were best buddies for 8 years until Moseley died. Neither of them were thrilled when I brought Marvel home in 2000 (just for a few days until another home could be found–yeah, right), but they put up with her crazy energy and each eventually established their place in the household. Luckily, I have a big house.

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