Last night I watched parts of the “Debate Double Header” from New Hampshire.  I’ve been ignoring much of the campaign hoopla because it seemed way too early.  Obama’s strong showing in Iowa caught my interest so I thought I’d tune in to see what they all had to say.  Also, the Clinton camp had called me in the afternoon and seemed dismayed when I said Hillary wasn’t my first choice and the only reason I gave them was that nearly 30 years of Bushes and Clintons in the White House was enough for me; time for a change.  Thought I should see if there were other reasons as well.

The six Republicans went first.  I avoided most of that debate by cooking and eating dinner (more below), but I managed to hear enough to notice that everyone (R&Ds alike) seems to have jumped on the “change” bandwagon.  Most of them seem to miss what kind of “change” is really needed.  Not just new policies, new laws, new ways for the government to stick its nose into my business . . . rather a change in attitude.  Away from the politics of fear and “grab everything you can for yourself”.  Towards a sense of hope, possibility, and working to make sure that the means of advancement are available to all.  A generosity and compassion rather than greed and hard-heartedness.

I’m not sure any of the ten will be able to deliver even a moderate amount of “change”, but Obama and Edwards are the only two who even seem to be talking about real change in real people’s lives.  We’ll see what the next few months bring . . .

Back to dinner–Pork Cutlets “l’ orange” (breaded pork cutlets simmered in orange juice until tender), mashed potatoes, broccoli, and salad.  Nothing fancy.  Just “good eats”.